Chicwish Reviews: Lizzie In Lace Is Pretty In Pink Brocade, Shares The Beauty Of Layering

lizzie in lace blogger wearing light pink floral dress with light pink bell sleeve blouse and with shopping cart illustrations all aorund

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YouTube Lizzie In Lace just dropped yet another Chicwish Haul video.

vlogger lizze in lace saying "chicwish haul, it's been a while" which is captioned on the botom

Not only did Lizzie In Lace share reviews of some of the most beautiful Chicwish cold weather ensembles, but the vlogger also offered up a hot tip about layering this season. (Spoiler Alert: It’s super easy!)

Lizzie In Lace took our sleeveless Peony Baroque Jacquard dress ($72.90) and paired it with a long-sleeved pink blouse!

“I just like to pair my sleeveless dresses with tops underneath just to kind of add a little bit more of my personal style,” she shared. “Plus, it’s cold now so you can add tights with it or a long-sleeved blouse or even like a turtleneck underneath or something like that just to keep warm.”

Blouses and turtlenecks, you ask? Well, be our very important guest!

But the REAL magic to making this sleeveless dress work isn’t in the top choice (because oh, there are so very many!) but it’s all in the material!

vlogger lizzie in lace wearing the pink floral jacquard dress with a hot pink long-sleeved blosue
Vlogger Lizzie in Lace wearing the pink jacquard dress

And Lizzie In Lace vouches! “The weight [of the dress] is really good,” she said during her review. “This is a really well-made dress. The fabric is really thick but it’s really comfortable. It’s really flattering… It just makes me want to go to a tea party.

Lizzie In Lace is a Chicwish partner but she’s not alone in her adoration for our floral jacquard dress. Regular Chicwish shoppers who spent their hard-earned money also note how much they appreciate the quality of the design.

“This fits perfectly and is long enough even though I am 6 feet tall. I ordered an extra large. It’s gorgeous and comfortable. I can’t believe the quality for the price. So so happy with this purchase.”

Byran, Chicwish Shopper

“Dress is gorgeous. Fabric is super thick and luxurious. I would say the XL is a 12/14”

Rebecca, Chicwish Shopper

“I like this sleeveless dress. The pattern looks luxurious and the the hem is so flattering. It can be worn as evening dress!!”


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